How to print our call logs in a pdf format:

If suppose you are searching for this kind of app then this is the best app of what do you want. You can backup all your SMS,messages,call logs,cal statistics,SMS statistics and the contacts. The most special feature in this app is you also can export the google contacts also. all these you can backup and get them in the xml format or the pdf format.

1. SMS backup and restore:

This app will allows you to to backup your favourite SMS not to loose again. You can restore them or can take them in a PDF format. With this application use can also perform SMS tracker operation for courts or legal purpose by taking the pdf backup in record and then using the whole conversation as per your requirement.

2. Call logs backup:

With this feature you can take call log backup and then restore it in any other devices. These backup you can get either in the xml form or the pdf format which is readable and easy to understand. You can take backup of any kind of call like missed call,dialed call,recieved call.

3. SMS statistics:

With this option you will get the number of sms sent or recieved on the daily basis during the specific time range.

4. Call statistics:

With this option you will get the statistical information of number of dialed,received,missed calls and rejected calls on daily basis. you also get the call duration information.

5. Contacts:

You can get your contacts backup with custom features like name,number and the email address.

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