How to hide files in the mobile dial pad:

There are so many apps in the play store to hide some photos,videos, and other files. But, today I’m going to introduce you a best app for hiding photos,videos and other apps.

Dialer Vault-VaultDroid is the best app to hide your photos and videos which are so personal. There are some photos and videos that can not be shared with anyone. luckily, you have no longer to dread letting anyone go through your gallery. This app once you install on your android phone it will make sure that no one can see your private files because this appp has the latest security technologies inside the app.

These encrypted photos or videos can only be viewed and accessed via thisĀ  app using a passcode and no one can open it with out the passcode that you will set once you install our app.

So many app are there in the playstore to hide your private files but they are very difficult to use and also they consume so much of storage in our mobile. But Dailer Vault-VaultDroid hide photo video OS 10 app is very easy to use and very light weight. This app also consist of some special features that I’m going to tell you now.

  • Free : This app is free and there is no hidden charges,no special memberships and no annual subscriptions
  • Easy : Easy to use. You will find the app in the dialer logo. Set a passcode after installing.
  • Security : Integrated with the latest encryption technologies with a secret passcode.
  • Alerts with photo : No need to worry about who tried to access your hidden filesbecuse once someone type a wrong passcode, we will capture a secret photo of him with time and date.
  • Lightweight : App will not occupy too much of space on your device.

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