How to create Dj music in mobile:

Why can’t you be the best Dj in a program just by using your mobile…..

If you are searching for any of the best Dj music app then you re in right place to know about this app.

If you install this app then you’ll experience a music player in the form of a virtual Dj mixer app and you can use it to do the Dj work on a party. Even you can use the two decks as the normal music player.

DiscDj 3D music player is a music player which contains lot of best features as of the real Dj. This virtual Dj app supports the Android2.3+. You can use this app as a virtual Dj mixer.

  • Pre recording of the performances
  • Pitch slider
  • Pre-listing and split audio output
  • Autofade and Cross fader
  • BPM
  • Shuffle,play all,play single
  • Seconds&Reloop and exit
  • LPF & HPF

In this app you can fix the queue of the songs or you can change it manually in the real time. Easily you can remix the songs with many more features in this app.

You can browse the songs in real time by albums,artists,folders,genres and many more. Advanced browsing like albums or artists of particular genres.

This app contains 3D dragging corrected, 32-bit audio output, Faster BPM Detection and 30+ languages like Spanish,English,Portugese,French,German etc.

So, to get an amazing Dj experience just with your mobile install this app right now and you will never regret with this app.

Download here



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