Advanced contacts manager app:

This app is very useful for us to backup your contacts. This app is working in online and offline as well.

Now I’ll give a quick glance of this app then it will be easy for you to use this amazing app. This app has an excellent features so no need to struggle any more to backup your contacts.

This app allow us to backup your contacts. No activations required to take backup of your contacts and this app will work in online and offline mode too…

  1. Easy and offline contact backup
  2. Send back to your Email with the created backup VCF file
  3. Backup all your contacts as VCard
  4. You can manage the history of backup with time and date
  5. You even can delete the historical backup if not needed
  6. Copy back file easily from the “contacts master” folder in case if you miss the Email
  7. Store backup securely and access anytime from anywhere with the secure login feature in this app
  8. Best online app for contact backup.

After sending your backup file to the Email you must check your inbox that weather you’ve got any backup file attachment. Because in some cases if the size of the file is large it will not be available. then you should use another mail to send the backup file.

This app is released on Nov11,2016. This is updated on Aug7,2019. The download size is 9.08MB. It has more than 500,000+ downloads. the version of this app is 6.3.


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